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Its strange, the situation you are in. Creatures of Nightmare, monsters of Horror, the stuff that would make you run behind your sofa and hid under your covers at night. And yet, look at all the people around you, just as scarred, but holding themselves and each other up wonderfully. Correct me, if I'm wrong, but Doctor, you said something once. Fear makes Companions of us all. Its a Super power. Makes you faster, stronger, smarter. Fear is a constant companion, and that is not a bad thing.

Author’s Note: I’m stealing this quote for the story.  Just letting you know.

How are ponies using base 10? For humans, it's understandable since it began with the ten fingers on our two hands, but you…unless it was from the minotaurs where the number system first came from.

Twilight Sparkle: Good guess, and actually correct.  I’ve been shown clips from the show in your world (REALLY uncomfortable to talk about now, after the asylum…), and they did fairly well on Iron Will, they just got his number of fingers wrong.  Minotaurs have ten fingers, and the system was simple enough that Equestria decided to adopt it as their math base.

So you know the animé Puella Magi Madoka Magica, Knight? As a bonus, would you like someone who knows a lot of languages to translate this Latin (except "Madoka", which is a Japanese name)?

I wouldn’t mind hearing the translation.  And I know OF Madoka, never had a chance to watch it.

Troll-bot: OF COURSE you'd say that, Applejack. Their ancestors are probably SO damn far back—farther than the Pies—it's forgotten by all present living members. Let's see you buck past the 4th wall without magic or Pinkie Pie or Scout.

Canonbot: For purposes of this story, and because the Author detests Flim and Flam, the Apples have no familial connects to the two con-artists. *beep*

What would happen if Saxton Hale became an alicorn?

Medic: Ze apocalypse.

What does anyone know about Scorpan? Surely if his brother lives after this long, he must be somewhere.

Princess Luna: Scorpan actually stays in regular contact.  He is back in the demon realms, keeping his more hostile brothers in check by draining their magic.  It sustains him, and doesn’t kill them, since regrettably demons can recover from a complete magic drain faster than ponies can.  (Days as opposed to years.) 

Princess Celestia: Indeed.  The only way to stop a demon from getting his magic back is to use the powers of Tartarus, which has its own dangers.  It’s why Lord Tirek was locked there.

Twilight Sparkle: I really hope he was just using the name… If he was an avatar, or a descendant of the original, then… *shudders*

Shulkie? Please explain who that is, Scout.

Scout: Ah.  I mean She-Hulk.  Marvel Comics character, like Deadpool.  Except she’s saner.  And hotter.

Scout, you seem calm anout losing your virginity to an aline horse. On the other hand, your brothers are probably going to be jealous.

Scout: Jealous that I got such a great girl?  Yeah, o’course they will!  And as for why I’m calm… well, I admit if I was human at the time, it’d be weird.  But since we was both colorful talkin’ ponies, there was nothin’ weird about it.

Paul: Dame Duchess Applejack, About the pie delivery through the flame swamp, are the Cajun ponies Related to the apples? because, and not questioning Apple family ethics none, but it seems a might dangerous for deliveries for any pony not family or close family friend. though they did seem like a jovial bunch.

Applejack: They’re not family, but they’re regular customers.  Normally, there’s a safe path through the flame swamp, Apple Bloom just wandered off of it.  …Oh!  And that one feller who said our pie was better than his ma’s made it up to her, so no worryin’ about that.

Scout, Pinkie, if you can see so far into the Fourth Wall, what do you know about a little piece called Red vs Blue?

Scout: The problem with being a fourth-wall breaker is that we only know as much as whoever’s writing us.  Deadpool, Shulkie, 80s Cartoon Raphael, and all the rest, they got the same problem.

Pinkie Pie: And Knight’s never watched Red vs. Blue.  Sorry!

Can mares have hairy chests?

Twilight Sparkle: *looks at her fur-covered body* Define ‘hairy.’

Are there body building contests in Ponyville?

Scout: …You wanna handle this one, big guy?


Scout: And he wins most of them, apparently.

Does Witchweed exist in Equestria?

Twilight Sparkle: It’s heavily regulated, but it’s legal.  It’s diluted heavily from its previous, heavily toxic version so it’s about as dangerous as, say, marijuana at this point.

Spy: !!

Twilight Sparkle: Yes, we have that here. 

Spy: :3

Kyubey: Apple Bloom, Sweetie Belle, Scootaloo, all foals available to answer here. I see your world is at risk of being destroyed. I wish to help you. If he has his way, Slendermane will destroy the entire universe, and we can't let that happen. Make a contract with me, and not only will I grant you powers, I will grant you any wish, no strings attached whatsoever. (Asker: Knight, you're not allowed to give them your knowledge of THAT SHOW t help them answer. And so, Scout, no meddling.)

m͖̦͔̭͈̫y̩̯,͎̲͉̯͉͈͝ ̘̟̱͓͍̫a͟r͍e̸n̨̙͈̹͇’͏t̗̥̜̭ y͈͍͎o̯̫͎̻͢ͅu ͚̬̖̬͉̩͟ͅu͍̦̫n̠͇̱̗̫̭o̰̙̝r̳̲͎i̘͙͕͖͖͇͜ͅg̦i̗̯̦͔͎̼̞n͚͠a̝̟͍͉̳̝l͇͍͠?͜
̦͇̝͈͙̝͇́s̹͇̲͔͎o͏̗̼͎͚r̡̻̥͉̖r̲͜y͞,̗͈ ͎͔͇̘̫buͅt̠̝̠̫̩̬͉͠ ̧̪t͓̟͙ͅh̤̮̮̹e̛̠̺̺̝̥̥̹s̸̤̠͕̥͚ȩ̣̩͙ ̨̩͕̹̮͔a͈͈̫̪̳̻r̝͓͙̩̺e̟̗̗͔ ̳̳̰m̱͜y̙̲͎̻̦̟ ͉̻͇̫͚͇͔p̰l͉͖̦̥̲͠a̮y̴t̩h̬i̳n͚̠̻̦g̣͈̟̗̲s̞̹
̝̦͉͇ͅa̟̥ͅn҉̻̤d̲ ̶̣̼͕͎i͈̦̹͇̯͢ d̻̣̼̫̠͜o̠̰̹͎͉̦ṉ̦͡’̵t̬̻͙ ̳̮̩̗̲͞l̟̱͝i͍̘͍̙k̺̳̲͟e̜̳̣͚̱̱ ̞̪s̥͙̥͖̦͇h̯̬̱̹̪͔a̙r̺̻̥̤ͅi̺̺̼̳͓̪ǹg̶̭̟

Troll-bot: Doy, Applejack. That's the IDEA of a "black sheep" of the family; one of Flim's and Flam's distant ancestors is likely a castaway or otherwise against your family's ways you'd OF COURSE not want to be associated with them.

Applejack: Listen to me very carefully.  FLIM AND FLAM ARE NOT RELATED TO OUR FAMILY.  Not everything with an apple on their butt is a member of the Clan.

Granny Smith: Just most of them.  *smirks*

Applejack: *grumbles and trots off*