If you could turn this into a drawn answer blog, would you?

Oh yes.

However I lack two things:

1.) Anything resembling drawing talent.

2.) A way to pay an artist to draw for me.

Have you ever completed the Caliginous Caper, Knight?

Yes, actually!  Although not normally.  I went on an all-cash server that allowed me to quickly max out my character and had ten players instead of six.

BLU team, why does nobody wield a modified buzz-saw or something of the like? The closest thing is the Bonesaw, but that doesn't have a motor on it...

Engineer: Not practical.  Too cumbersome to use as a melee weapon.

Reply: Chronicle: All right, then. Name me all the "Shadow Clone"-like spells that can be performed by a unicorn. Note: UNICORN, so you don't technically qualify anymore. Okay. it's not really a challenge. I'm just as inquisitive on new spells as you, except I'm more choosy on what I learn. Better to master a few (can go in the tens) spells than know a library's worth with varied mastery on them and having to know which one is ideal for the situation. Panic attacks make it worse.

Twilight Sparkle: Twisted Persona, Chroma Clone, Mud Clone, Ice Clone, Fire Clone, Bomb Clone, Opposite Self, the mirror pool invocation, Mirror Enchant, Shadow Clone, Emotion Expression, Spirit Reflection, Double Trouble, Magic Aura, Water Clone, Sand Clone… There’s a few more, but those are some of the more basic ones, with a few more complicated ones as well, like Opposite Self and Emotion Expression.

Doctor, were you disgruntled or impressed when you learned that England had a secret organization designed to subdue or take out alien threats, namely you?

Doctor: Annoyed.  Really, it just made things more difficult.

Why mature?

Increasing levels of violence and gore.

What happend, waking nightmares is not on fim fiction!


Still visible for me.  Do you have adult content enabled?  I recently upgraded it from Teen to Mature.

Why blu team???

I like the color blue better.

So Knight, as long as your working on this pony story, will you quit "horsing" around? HA! But in all seriousness, Demo, how well are you as a "Demoknight" (a pair of shoes, shield, and sword) and what about you Knight?

Can’t speak for Demoman, but I’m not that good.  I need to work on my sneaky sneak…

What about Kratos or Fat Princess? Related to PS All-Stars.

I use Kratos and am fairly good with him, I just prefer the other characters I’ve mentioned.  I use Fat Princess sometimes for lulz.

Twilight, what are your thoughts on ponies disturbing the dead with vile curses?

Twilight Sparkle: Blasphemy…

Oh your trying to improve your sackboy game huh? Well just a tip, he is a keep away character if you didn't know already.

Hnh.  I’m still having trouble with him.

Solly, Demo, what's with the Half-Zatoichi's honorbound curse?

Demoman: Self-imposed challenge.  The thing’s bloody cool. 

Solly, you are aware the Metal Wolf is only accessible to the incumbent US President right? Or that it's Japanese made?

Soldier: Don’t be silly.  Everything cool is made in America.

Speaking of M. Bison... remember the time he fought Shao Khan?

Man, that was so awesome I don’t even care that Lord Bison lost.  XD