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is there a scientific reason why Princess Celestia's and Luna's manes do that wavy thing?

Princess Celestia: …Cosmetic reason.  Our regalia have an enchantment on them that makes our manes and tails look more impressive.  Plus, the enchantment feels deliciously tingly.  It’s why we usually sleep with at least some of our regalia still on, the tingly feeling is relaxing.

Do you watch attack on titan or the walking dead? both are good shows.

Nope.  No TV, just internet.

Are you serious? Back in your homeworld you always had a cigarette dangling from your lips.

Spy: A method of coping with ze idiots.  I admit I smoke more zan I should, but I do not go through a pack a day, like some others do. 

headcanon: the comic character Fluttershy became (can't remember the name) was based on Barricade and Dr. Care.

Naah.  Dr. Care stayed out of the spotlight as much as equinely possible and Barricade’s been mistaken for a mechanism instead of a pony far too many times. 

would ben ten work in a waking nightmares kind of setting?

Not really.  Honestly, Ben 10’s a setting I’d prefer to work with on its own, instead of in a crossover. 

…Although lately I’ve been having Persona-related ideas…

Faust: ...technically, Mitta's 'rebirth' was simply releasing a curse that held her in a sort of suspended ageing. So, Princess of day, princess of Night, Princess of Dusk and Princess of Love, can you four return the dead to life? and not the quasi life of zombies. No offense to Mitta intended.

Princess Celestia: Nopony can.  Not even Discord.

Chronicle: So does a fruit bat, as seen during that one Apple Family Reunion, taste like whatever fruit it resembles to Gilda, Rainbow? She does eat fruit time to time, right?

Rainbow Dash: Batmeat tastes like batmeat.  At least that’s what Gilda told me.  Some dorky nerd stallion asked her that same question.

exactly how was Jeff defeated?

The Doctor: Trade secret.

Wait, why do you hate Flim and Flam?

Because I’ve been scammed before and I HATE scam artists.  Flim and Flam will only show up when I want to hurt something.

Knight, have you ever encountered any hackers in TF2 to help them get aimbot or scam other players?

Oh, I’ve encountered the odd hacker from time to time.  Had a nasty one the other day who was using a modded Heavy with far better accuracy on his minigun that what should be.  When he got called out, he stopped pretending he was playing fair, and then started aimbotting with a souped-up Heavy.  That was constantly conga-dancing.  OH!  And he constantly changed his name while spamming the chat.

I eventually gave up and left the server.

You know, the villains have nicknamed you BLU Mercs, you know? Let's give you good guy nicknames, in order of Mercs. Joy Runner, Love Letter to Lost Days, Beacon of Hope, Honest Heart, The Kindly You, the Gifted that Gives, A Magic Wonder, Loyal beyond the End, and the Faithfully Trusted. If I were less creative, and probably less silly and more sappy, I'd sum you all up as those Beautiful, Lovely Jackasses.

Scout: … Heheh.  That’s cool.  I like that.

Do to the sheer amount of it and things poisoned by it that seems to fly everywhere at any point in time, I've a question about it. Does Smooze poisoning affect the environment? Like the earth, or Inanimate objects, or plants? Can it corrupt them?... Sends shivers down my spine...

ŵ̷̳̯͚̱̙̃͆ͫo̴͎͙͓̦͈͓̬ͮ̓ͫͥ̓ͬͬu̘͍͉͍͡l͙̙̝̘̩̿ͨ͌̿d͔͙͖͙̤͕̯̽n̹ͮ̑’̭͙̜͎͚̩̺t͉̲̖͔͍͓̣͊͊͊ ̤̺̦̰͕͖͛͡y̡̼̹͈̖̦̫͉ͪͪ͒oͣͥͨ́҉͉u̳̞̩̦͑̉͊͌̕ ̨̙̖̞̞͕̪̗͊͌l̦͙̤̙̗̫͇̇ͣi̙͉̝̭̩͉͑̏ͦ̓ͭ̕k̆͘e̯̹͖̖͐͐̐ͩ͑̚ ̵̙̱̼̰̽t̢̹̞̖̯̖̆̒ͨͧo̻̻̬͕ ̽ͩ̍̽̒ͥ҉̯̯k̘̘̼͚̣͘n͖̻ͧͦ͟o̞͓͉̿̕w̹̟̙̦͇͇̠

Pinkie, have you introduced Scout to your older Sisters yet?

Pinkie Pie: If they visit Ponyville, I’ll introduce them.

Say Solider, what was Cadet doing while the rest of blu was rescuing the villagers of ponyvile? Also for the rest of BLU, how's Cadet's training? (Cadet can answer as well)

Soldier: Hnh.  Cadet was accompanying us into the forest we were lured into by Grey Mann’s machines.  The nine of us, Gem, and Cadet were tricked into going into the Castle of the Two Sisters, leaving them ample time to kidnap everyone.  I hate to admit it, but he can’t be accused of cowardice this time.

Cadet: That’s right *huffs*

Soldier: He’s still a lazy bum that I need to smack from time to time.

Cadet: Hate you so much…

what was the transition like when Luna returned?

Princess Celestia: A headache.  Those blasted nobles complained constantly and I had to do far more wheeling and dealing than I prefer to to get them to accept her and stop opposing the modifications to the laws that allowed Luna to rule again.